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Electric scooter tours in Paris

We can decide on a departure time together, but generally tours start around 9.30/10am and 1.30/2pm.
Meet at place Gambetta, near the Pere Lachaise cemetery. If we leave in the morning we’ll have time for a picnic, in the afternoon a drink…

paris sud

Paris Est-Ouest

Enjoy the whole of Paris at a glance, taking in rustic lanes and leafy river banks.
Nation, Bastille, Notre Dame, le Louvre, le Musée Orsay, la Tour Eiffel, l'Opéra.

Cost: 69 € / person
Duration: 4½ hours

paris sud

Paris Rive Gauche

From parks to gardens, from the quays to the Observatory in the South of the capital.

Cost: 69€ / person
Duration : 4½ hours

paris nord

Paris Nord

Together on our scooters, high up in Belleville, water side and in the country, a totally different way to discover Paris.

Cost: 69 € / person
Duration: 4½ hours
La Campagne à Paris

Paris à la Campagne

Only Green! we will cruise on our electric scooters to unusual places. Park of Belleville, Park of Buttes Chaumont, "la Mouzaia" and "la Campagne à Paris".

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Offre Quatro
Paris 12-20

Paris 12-20

We will cruise on our electric scooters between the old alleys of the former village of Charonne until Arsenal spot, then we ll follow in a pastoral environment on the former stretch of railway: Bastille-Vincennes transformed into green way, " la Coulée verte" .

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Offre Quatro


If it's your first time in Paris, prefer "Paris Est Ouest".

Some simple words of advice:
Choose to wear a comfortable pair of shoes with sturdy ankle support instead of high heels, and wear clothing suitable for protection against wind and rain and wear a pair of winter gloves.
We'll be stopping off for a drink either outside or inside according to what you feel like doing.

All orders will be cancelled or refunded in case of bad weather ( rain, heavy showers, storms, very bad weather and if the temperature is below 8 degrees celsius).

Rules of the road to observe as an electric scooter user:

  • Use the sidewalk/pavement or pedestrian walkway areas,
  • Obey all traffic lights,
  • Cross only on protected paths,
  • Respect all other users and don't risk putting anyone in danger,
  • Don't ride more than 6 km (3 or 4 mph.).


All clients using the service must be covered by civil responsibility insurance (multi-risk home insurance or other ). Foreign clients who live outside of France must have multi-risk private insurance.
Verify all the same with great care that your contract does not consist of any explicit exclusion relative to sports « on rollers ».

L'oeil d'une parisienne cannot be held responsible in case of any problems due to electric scooter accidents, falls, or any other damage caused that could occur during a ride.

Examples : If you run into a pedestrian, your civil responsibility could be engaged. If you are at fault during the accident ( excessive speed, for example ), you could be subject to a fine because of your penal responsibility which could be engaged.
* Please see terms & conditions for more details