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Walking tours in Paris

We can decide on a departure time together, but generally tours start around 9.30/10am and 1.30/2pm.
If we leave in the morning we’ll have time for a picnic, in the afternoon a drink(minimum 2 people)

paris sud

2000 ans d'histoire (2000 years of history)

Who were the first Parisians? Why did they choose to settle in Paris?
How has this town, then capital, changed over the centuries?
Let me guide you, via stone, road, river, through the labyrinth of history to a better understanding of Paris.

Cost: 50 € / person
Duration: 3½ hours
Meet at metro Jussieu

paris sud

Paris déraille (Paris off the beaten track)

Even at the time of the druids Montmartre was already a popular area
and Chapelle-Saint Denis a hive of activity!
We’ll need to get back on track to follow the Northern quarter’s history.

Cost: 50 € / person
Duration: 3½ hours
Meet in front of the Sacré-Coeur

paris nord

Paris 10

Apparently this area is up and coming?
Yes, the 10th managed to win its bet and became flavour of the month.

Cost: 50 € / person
Duration: 3½ hours
Meet at metro République

paris nord

Le Marais, il faut y goûter ! (Take a bite out of Le Marais!)

Over time this ancient area of Paris has been transformed into a delicious mix of gastronomy, fashion and art.
Let’s discover its richness by following in the footprints of history.

Cost: 50 € / person
Duration: 3½ hours
Meet at metro Temple


If it's your first time in Paris, choose the stroll "Le Marais, il faut y goûter" ou "Paris déraille".

Some simple words of advice:
Choose to wear a comfortable pair of shoes with sturdy ankle support instead of high heels.
We'll be stopping off for a drink either outside or inside according to what you feel like doing.

« My way in Paris » can be made all year round, in summer as in winter.


All clients using the service must be covered by civil responsibility insurance (multi-risk home insurance or other).
Foreign clients who live outside of France must have multi-risk private insurance.

L'oeil d'une parisienne cannot be held responsible in case of any problems due falls, or any other damage caused that could occur during the visit.

*Please see terms & conditions for more details